Truffle Honey Brussels Sprouts


Autumn is here and I couldn’t be happier about it. The leaves are changing and the air is crisp. This time of year means curling up with books, warm blankets and large mugs of tea. For me, the change in seasons means meal planning and cooking comfort meals. All my scarfs and cozy hats are out and our colder walks are adorned with beautiful fall leaves.

Lately I have been obsessing over Brussels sprouts. I used to very much dislike them as a child but I learned when cooked properly these tasty brassica vegetables are incredibly good and good for you. All they require is a quick sauté in a little butter or olive oil, a sprinkling of sea salt and they are perfect. The addition of honey and truffle salt added to my morning scrambled eggs is just simply perfection.

You can purchase truffle honey but I have not been able to locate it just yet. I do however purchase truffle salt from The Silk Road Spice Merchant in Inglewood or the Calgary Farmers Market.

Truffle Honey Brussels Sprouts

Serves 1

8 – 10 Brussels sprouts, ends trimmed off and sliced in half
1 Tbsp. butter or olive oil
a few teaspoons of raw honey
a pinch of truffle salt

In a non-stick skillet, heat the butter or olive oil. Add in the Brussels sprouts and sauté for a few minutes over medium heat. Toss them once they start to brown. Cook until they are browned on both sides but still have a bit to them, around 5 minutes. In the last minute of cooking drizzle with honey and sprinkle with a pinch or two of truffle salt. Allow the honey to caramelize. Remove from the pan and serve immediately.