Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Chickpea, Miso & Tahini Sauce


I remember this time of year as harvest when I was growing up on a farm near Lethbridge. The harvest of the acres and acres of grain fields but also our garden. Digging up and storing potatoes, carrots and onions from my parents’ gigantic garden. With seven children in our home it meant we survived […]

Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie

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Mint Chocolate Chip Smoothie

This beats a Dairy Queen mint oreo cookie blizzard by a landslide. Alright for me it does anyway but dairy and I don’t get along not to mention the fact the dairy is mucous forming and studies suggest it is being linked to cancer. Studies also suggest that the calcium we obtain from milk may […]

Fish Tacos

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Fish Tacos

I recently saw a picture of fish tacos that looked great and I have been wanting to recreate them. So today when the sun finally decided to come out I thought it would be a perfect celebration dinner. Plus I happened to find some wild cod that I thought would work well. There are basically […]

Roasted Carrots & Fennel with Tahini Dressing

Even as simple as roasted vegetables are I still find them the most satisfying part of autumn meals. Ask me if I love a raw carrot as much as a roasted carrot and I will quite likely not choose raw. Transforming simple ingredients into a beautiful dish is what I love most. Topped with a […]