Fried Quinoa with Kale

Fried Quinoa

I posted a picture of this dish on Instagram last week and it was very popular. It was so good that I ended up making it 3 times. Yikes. It reminds me of Chinese food or more appropriately fried rice, which I gave up probably 7 years ago, and have never looked back until this dish was created. Now, rest assured you have a healthy Chinese food dish in your horizon.

Those of you looking for an easy one-pot meal that practically cooks itself, this is for you. I make a similar version of this for my kids after school snack with leftover brown rice or kale. Even if you don’t have leftover quinoa on hand, it only takes 15 minutes to cook.

Please head over to for the recipe and while you’re there check out the site. There is plenty of very good information.