Healthy School Lunches

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Healthy School Lunches

Being a nutritionist and a mom to two growing children I do my best to pack a nutrient dense lunch for my two. Ideally, what I want to see when they come home from school is an empty lunch bag so I know that they are actually eating what I pack but also it’s proof that they liked what I packed. This is not always the case first because my kids talk too much when they should be eating and two, they didn’t like their lunch. Typical of most children.

Growing bodies and minds need nutrients in order to thrive. Nutrients from whole foods, not boxed food, processed foods or packaged food. I was buying groceries at Superstore a few days ago and a mother in line behind me was purchasing  a salad for herself and a boxed  Lunchables for her daughter. I wondered if she knew what was in that little box was not at all much better than a bag a chips and a pack of m&m’s. Do kids really want to eat this way? Probably. Is it lack of knowledge on the parents part? Maybe convenience? Whatever the case, I think it’s sad when lunch for a child comes in a box from a manufacturer. Sad because as a parent it’s our job to make sure we help prevent disease in their future, not promote it. Don’t get me wrong, my children do receive treats, but I read labels, make as much as I can with whole foods, and balance their diet with nutrient dense foods. I try and bake with unrefined sugars and limit all sugar as much as possible.

I came across this article by an author that had the same question as I had. I’m not totally horrified to find out that ingredients in these little boxes of “lunch” contain high fructose corn syrup, loads of sodium, artificial colours and preservatives, and very little nutrients at all.

Packing lunch for your children shouldn’t be that difficult but kids want variety.  A major complaint with my clients that have children is their kids won’t eat vegetables or won’t eat protein. So, let’s come up with a way that they WILL eat it. Join me in my kitchen to find out ways to pack a nutrient dense lunch that your children will eat and like plus promote immunity, heart and brain health as well as control their blood sugar so they can PAY ATTENTION and learn. I want straight A’s this year. Fingers crossed.

August 28th in Tusslewood 

11:00 am 

Children welcome but let’s be honest, you do the grocery shopping.

Please email me to register at